Funeral Advisory and Memorial Society of Saskatchewan
Dedicated to simplicity, dignity and economy in preplanned funerals

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a memorial society?

A memorial society is an association of like-minded people from all walks of life, who respect the need for a simple, dignified alternative to the elaborate and increasingly costly funeral services promoted by the conventional funeral industry.

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2. What is FAMSS?

FAMSS is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political society. FAMSS was incorporated under Saskatchewan law in 1969 as the Memorial and Cremation Society of Saskatchewan.

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3. How does FAMSS operate?

Board members are volunteers elected at meetings of the general membership. Half of the Board is elected each year to provide continuity. We have no paid staff and are entirely self-supported by donations and memberships. FAMSS does not own or operate any funeral home, crematorium or monument company.

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4. Where is FAMSS located?

FAMSS' mailing address is Box 1846, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 3S2.

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5. What services and benefits does FAMSS provide?

FAMSS carries on a continuing education program urging dignity, simplicity, and economy in funeral rites. Speakers are available to address interested groups. Contact us.

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6. What do I receive as a member?

Members receive:

  • a Membership Card for your wallet upon completion and return of the "My After Death Wishes" form (MADW)
  • a Member's Manual: a guide to funeral planning
  • two copies of the MADW form to record your end of life preferences
  • a 15% discount on funeral services supplied by the FAMSS-contracted funeral home in your area
  • a price list negotiated with the FAMSS-contracted funeral home in your area
  • an Advance Health Care Directive (Living Will) form
  • an Alternatives to Burial form: body, organ donation
  • a family register to record important family information
  • an annual newsletter
  • assistance by telephone 866-283-2677 (toll free in Saskatchewan) or 306-374-5190 in Saskatoon.
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7. How do I join FAMSS?

FAMSS lifetime membership fee is $25. To join:

  1. Complete the application form and pay online.
  2. Print and complete the mail-in form and then mail the form along with a cheque for $25.00 payable to FAMSS.
  3. Contact us to receive a form by mail.

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8. Are there any restrictions on FAMSS members funeral arrangements?

There are absolutely no restrictions. You may choose burial or cremation. If you wish services to be held, they can be religious or secular. Services may be held wherever you wish—in a church, chapel, private home or elsewhere. Naturally, costs are less when arrangements are kept simple.

If you use the services of a funeral home contracted with FAMSS, you will receive a discount, currently 15%. If you use another funeral home, this discount will not apply.

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9. What if I join and then move?

Membership is transferable among all societies in Canada and, indeed, among almost all the more than 180 memorial societies in North America, for a nominal fee.

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10. Does my FAMSS membership fee qualify as a tax-deductible expense?

No. Unfortunately, Memorial societies do not qualify for charitable status, so we cannot issue receipts for tax purposes.

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11. What is FAMSS' privacy policy?

The Funeral Advisory and Memorial Society (FAMSS) respects the privacy of its members. FAMSS does not sell, rent or otherwise distribute its membership list to any other organizations or businesses. Member information is protected, and is used only for the purpose of providing the benefits and services offered as part of the FAMSS membership program.

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12. What is FAMSS' copyright policy?

The Funeral Advisory and Memorial Society of Saskatchewan retains the copyright for all its printed material and website content. Use by organizations and individuals with compatible objectives may be granted if permission is requested.

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